Hundred Soul APK | Latest Version Install On Android & iOS

Download & Install Hundred Soul APK

Download & Install the latest version of Hundred Soul .APK file.

Hundred Soul APK is an Android & iOS game developed by Hound 13, and the game Hundred Soul Android made with the unity. It’s a game that is created by the dragon nest team, and the game already released for the Korean store, and also you can download the English version using the app store.
And the best version of the game already released So why to wait for just download Hundred Soul APK on iOS and Android mobile phone from 9apps for free.

Hundred Soul APK by Hound 13

Version: 1.0.0 (10,000+)
Last updated: November 4, 2018
File Size: 24 MB
Hundred Soul Apk

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Call Of Duty Companion APP APK | Download & Install Android APK File

Download & Install the latest version of Call Of Duty Companion APP APK .APK file.

Get Call Of Duty Companion APP APK which is an action game, in the past, it is so popular PC game that is released for Android & iOS device. The Game is already release do you do not need to wait for the release date, so download it now on your mobile phone from 9apps for free.

Call Of Duty Companion APP APK by Activision Publishing, Inc.

Version: 1.0.0 (100,00+)
Last updated: November 1, 2018
File Size: 71 MB
Call Of Duty Companion APP APK

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75 Aniversario Sabritas APK | Latest Version Of Android & iOS App

Download & Install the latest version of 75 Aniversario Sabritas .APK file.

75 Aniversario Sabritas APK is an Android & iOS game which is developed by Pepsico Mx, and it’s also published on the play store so you can download it easily without having any external sources. The Size of the 75 Aniversario Sabritas codigo is 88.5MB.
They also released it’s 1.5 Version, and the published date is 29th October 2018, so download it on your iOS and Android mobile phone from 9apps for free. APK by

Version: 1.5 (100,00+)
Last updated: October 25, 2018
File Size: 88.5 MB

75 Aniversario Sabritas APKAll .APK files found on our site are original and unmodified.

Ingress Prime Apk | The Game Released For Android & iOS Devices

Install & Download Ingress Prime Apk

Download & Install the latest version of Ingress Prime .APK file.

Ingress Prime Apk is coming soon for the both Android & iOS device, but for now, you can download Ingress Prime beta Apk on your mobile. The release date of the Ingress Prime Apk was not confirmed, but recently they published the app for everyone, so you can install the game on mobile.

The Ingress Prime Beta Apk can be installed on your device through the play store, but in case you are not able to get it through play store then you can download it on your iOS & Android mobile phone from 9apps for free.

Ingress Prime APK by IngressPrime

Version: 2.11.2 (10,000,000+)
Last updated: November 05, 2018
File Size: 78 MB
Ingress Prime Apk

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Star Trek Fleet Command APK | Latest Version Of Android & iOS Game

What Is Star Trek Fleet Command APK?

Download & Install the latest version of Star Trek Fleet Command .APK file.

Get Star Trek Fleet Command APK which is an Android & iOS game and it was updated on 2 November 2018, and the game size is 100MB. It has already 10000+ install according to the Play Store, and the current version of the game is 0.543.6475. In order to play Star Trek Fleet Command Game on your Android device, you need an OS device 4.0 and Higher.

It’s already announced and the game release date is not announced but end the of the month the Star Trek Fleet Command Game will be released. To know the game release date, you can pre-register for the Star Trek Fleet Command APK.

You can try the Star Trek Fleet Command Beta APK to test the game on your Android device, so download Star Trek Fleet Command Android Game on your iOS and Android mobile phone from 9apps for free.

Star Trek Fleet Command APK by Scopely

Version: 0.543.7845
Last updated: November 02, 2018
File Size: 100M
Star Trek Fleet Command APK

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Diablo Immortal APK | Latest Version Of Android & iOS App

Download & Install the latest version of Diablo Immortal .APK file.

Get Diablo Immortal APK which is an Android & iOS game announced by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. The game release date is 3rd November 2018, and it’s releasing worldwide for All the devices. You can Pre-Register the Diablo Immortal APK through the Android App store.

Soon they will release the Diablo Immortal Beta APK, where you can test the game on your mobile phone for free. After testing beta version you can download Diablo Immortal game on your iOS and Android mobile phone from 9apps for free.

Diablo Immortal APK by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

Version: Varies with device
Last updated: October 30, 2018
File Size: Varies with device
Diablo Immortal APK

All .APK files found on our site are original and unmodified.

Momo Game Apk | Download Latest Version For Android & iOS Devices

What Is The Momo Challenge?

The Momo challenge is another suicide application that can take your children lives. Its icon is very scary and horrible, I haven’t downloaded the app as the app is similar to a blue whale challenge game.

They challenge you to show them your dare and share the some of your violent pictures to them. And later they can blackmail you until you die, so I’ll suggest you not to download the game on your Android and iOS device.

Once you register with them, they text you and calls you to complete the challenge. The game is started spreading on Facebook and became viral in a very short time. And now it is spreading all over the world VIA WhatsApp.

How To Download Momo Game APK?

First of all, I’ll not suggest you download the game apk file from anywhere, but still, you want to take the download and wants to put your life in trouble then I can’t do anything.

Momo Game Apk

Momo game is already available to download from Google Play Store, you just have to visit play store and search for the Momo Game APK. Once you have found it just tap on install button and it’ll be installed on your device shortly.


Please Do Not Download Momo Game APK and it’s App from Anywhere And Be Safe.

What Is The Risk Of Momo Game APK?

If you have ever heard about the blue whale game, then this is the same game as Blue Whale Challenge game. The game is completely risky for life and mostly for children and teenagers.

Momo Game app provides you some risky and real-life challenges which are very risky and can take your life in trouble. Again I am warning you do not use this game apk file as its so risky, before proceeding next steps think about your parents and children.

If you want to know more about the momo game, then check it on Reddit which is an online question and answering website. You can find all of your answers there, also check out the online news platform to read out.

How To Install Momo Game APK?

Momo game apk full latest version is available on play store, if not then download it from which is totally free to download.

Once you do that, open downloaded apk file, and tap on install button and it will be installed on your Android & iOS device.

Even you can use your PC to download the app, you have to use bluestacks software to download and install momo game apk on your PC/Desktop.

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Dream Of Desire APK | An Adult Game For All Devices

Dream Of Desire APK: It is an Adult game developed and published by Lewdlab patreon, and peoples also call him Dr Sin. In the game has 12 episodes, and all the episodes of the game are amazing and enjoyable. Lewdlab loved playing adult games but he always finds some issue in other games. So he decided to create his own adult game.

And later he released Dream Of Desire Game which is free to play and you can download it from their official blog or

The Dream Of Desire game has been launched all over the world and it was downloaded by millions of users and most of the users from USA, UK, Philippians, Indonesia. As the game is adult so only 18+ Adult users can play and download this game. So if you have downloaded this APK file on your Android device so make sure to hide it from children.

Dream Of Desire APK

Because the game is so addicted and everyone would love to play Dream Of Desire game on their iPhone and Android device. The APK size of the game is a little bit high so you may be required the fastest internet connection if you wanted or wished to download dreams of desire f95 on your Smartphone.

And the game has 3000+ images in elite version, and all the actress is voice actresses, it means they speak and seduced players. You have complete freedom to play this game in your countries there is no restriction for downloading and installing Dream Of Desire APK on your Devices.

Download Dream Of Desire APK

How To Download Dream Of Desire Game?

If you are here because you wanted to download this game on your Device and you don’t have any idea or you are little but scared to download Dream Of Desire Game on your Device. If you have fear like it’s illegal game or your government will punish you if you play this game, then you are totally wrong.

You are completely free to download and install Dream Of Desire APK file on your iPhone/IOS and Android device from or from Even you can download and play this game on your PC too. But you may be required an extra software for this, Bluestacks is an Android emulator help you to download all of the android apps and games on your PC/Desktop.

Below I am going to share all of the instructions that how to download and install Dream Of Desire game on your device. So check out the below guidance and gameplay instructions to know more about this amazing and awesome game.

Dream Of Desire Game

  • First of all, go to its official website or 9apps to download Dream Of Desire APK file on your Android/Apple Device.
  • Once you have downloaded you need to install it on your device, so just make sure to save or download it on the safest location of your mobile phone.
  • Later go to the Device Settings > Security and make sure to tick mark on Unknown Sources.
  • Once you have done! Open downloaded Dream Of Desire.APK file and tap on install.
  • Now you have installed the Dream Of Desire game on your Android device now play this game and have fun.
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Waifu Academy Apk – A Popular Adult Game For Android/iOS

what is waifus?

Waifu Academy is a very popular adult game for Android and Irphaeus is the developer and creator of the game, many users are searching for Waifu Academy Apk from all around the world. And the game is still in beta version, which is unreleased, so you can pre-register for it. The owner of the game shared his story on patreon.

Patron is a website where a lot of peoples are ready to help developers and they care about anyone passion. And millions of patreons are available to help. And wifefu also was listed there and they got fund for the game. And they developed the game as they promised.

The game is so awesome, and the best thing about the Waifu Academy game is completely free of charge. So you can download Waifu Academy Apk for free on Android from 9Apps Apk Store. The game is already famous before releasing.

And, the game is still in developing, and developers increasing more levels, so players won’t get bored. In the Waifu Academy game, you will have to create the name with the present characters, you can choose which one you needed. You will get 30 unique characters to play.

Most of the game scene created in a hentai high school walkthrough “Sazaki Academy”. And the game is free to play, no need to pay anything to play. In the game story, you play it as a young man. The game is fully adult, so make sure to hide this game from childrens.

Waifu Academy Apk

On play store, certain apps are available that can help you to lock your games. Password protection recommended, which can’t be guessed. The game will be released soon because deep space Waifu Academy game release date is not fixed yet.

So, you can keep your eyes on the game, and be updated with us, will be notified if the Waifu Academy game released. But it is confirmed that game is on the way, and will be available soon in 2018.

Download Waifu Academy Apk On Android?

The Waifu Academy Apk can be downloaded easily, you must be connected internet data on your mobile, or connect with WI-Fi. Once done the above steps.

Open and search for Waifu Academy Apk, and open it. Navigate to the downloading button which is located at the end of the tutorial, if Waifu Academy App is locked, read the instructions, and unlock it.

Waifu Academy game

Once it’s unlocked, tap on the download button, game size is not small so it will take few minutes to download completely. Wait and do not disconnect your internet connection. Otherwise, it will be not downloaded.

Install Waifu Academy Apk On Android?

There are currently two methods are available, that can let you install Waifu Academy Apk on Android easily. Both methods are different and very easy, so even a kid can install Waifu Academy game on Android. Below I am sharing a guide tutorial with that you can easily install.

  1. You can direct install Waifu Academy app from play store, which is quite easy. Simply open the play store, and search Waifu Academy on the search bar. And open Waifu Academy game if it’s released. And make sure that it is the real one. If it looks real, then install it.
  2. First Download Waifu Academy Apk, and go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources. Now go to the file manager where the apk file has been saved. open it and click on install. Now the game is installed on Android mobile.

install Waifu Academy app

You can also download Waifu Academy game for iOS/iPhone devices. It is also very easy, go to the iTunes store on your device. And search for the Waifu Academy game and install it. I have already provided a very latest version of

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Detroit: Become Human Game – The Best Game To Download

Detroit: Become Human has gone gold and to celebrate the milestone, developer Quantic Dream has released a new demo for the game.

As per the PlayStation Blog, The Detroit: Become Human Game demo will be released on 24th April. The full game release date not fixed yet for Android, but for PS4 the game will be released on 25th April completely.

In the game, you can choose your own adventure, the game has three characters “fates are yours” as stated on Detroit: Become Humans. And developer said, “We are extremely pleased and proud to announce today, that after four years of passionate crafting, Detroit: Become Human has officially gone gold!”.

Detroit Become Human Game

As the story made for hopes, fear, sadness, but also of happiness and joy. This story as much about us, humans, as it’s about androids. The game has been already released and ready to Play, so visit on PlayStation to Buy this game. The game is not free, but on Android device, the game will be completely free.

How To Download Detroit: Become Human Game?

In order to download & play the game on PC, you have to buy the game. The game is developed for PS4, Xbox One, Android & iOS. The game is not released but it’s already started rolling around on social media and became popular before releasing.

Download Detroit Become Human Game

Download Detroit: Become Human Game from play is easy as you download other games and apps. So open the Play Store and search for the “Detroit: Become Human”. And check the developer or publisher name before you proceed next steps.

If you found the right one, just tap on install and wait until its get installed completely on your Android device.

How To Download Detroit: Become Human Apk?

Always download Android games and apps apk files from Play Store. Because it’s the easy and fastest way to install any of Android apps and games. But if you are here to download Detroit: Become Human Apk file.

Detroit Become Human Apk

So just open the and search for the game you want eg. Detroit: Become Human Apk. And open it, scroll down and tap on the download link. If it’s locked so unlock it according to the instructions.

How To Install Detroit: Become Human Apk?

Once you have downloaded Detroit: Become Human Apk from 9apps and want to install it. So read the below steps, I will guide you to install Detroit: Become Human Apk easily and safely.

  • Open the Device Settings > Security and tap on the Unknown Sources.
  • Now open the file manager and search for the Detroit: Become Human.Apk
  • Once you have found, tap on the apk file.
  • Now click on the installation tab.
  • And you have downloaded the latest version of Detroit: Become Human game.

Install Detroit Become Human Apk

How To Download Detroit: Become Human Game On iOS?

According to the source as of now, the game is only developing for the Android Device, and soon they will also release the game for iOS/iPhone device. So you have to wait for them to release the game for iOS devices.

If the game releases for the iOS device, then go to the iTunes store and search for the game you wanted to download eg. Detroit: Become Human.

Detroit Become Human iOS Game

Now open the game and buy it as the game will be paid for the iOS device, so you can’t enjoy the game for free.

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